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korean Red Ginseng Powder

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  • South Korea South Korea
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korean Red Ginseng Powder


  • Product classification : Health functional food
  • Product type : Powder(4-year-old, 6-year-old root)
  • Net contents : 50g x 3 bottles
  • Content : 100% red ginseng powder(Korea), (100% red ginseng root).
  • How to intake : 3 times daily. Take 2 spoons at a time before or after each meal and drink it with water.
  • Caution :
    - In case of allergic constitution, make sure to check ingredients prior to intake.
    - Be careful not to get hurt when you open the package.
    - Make sure to check the amount and method of intake prior to drinking.
  • Feature : As 100% red ginseng powder, it can be taken by various means of intake.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • People who want to use a pure red ginseng product.
  • People who want to intake ginseng for a long period of time
  • People who want to enhance immunity.

As a new red ginseng powder, made by grinding whole red ginseng root, this product can be taken by various means of intake, such as mixing with honey, substitute of tea, additive in cooking, etc. Due to its convenient way of intake, red ginseng powder can be kept in office or at home and economically taken at any time if necessary. In case of children or those who have fastidious tastes, we recommend to add milk or yogurt.