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korean Red Ginseng Extract

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information
High Quality korean red ginseng extract
  • Product classification : Health functional food
  • Product type : Red ginseng concentrate(liquid type)
  • Net contents :  :30g*1(30g),  30g*3 (90g)
  • Content : 100% red ginseng concentrate(5mg/g of Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1, more than 68% of solid matter, Korea).
  • How to intake : 3 times daily. 2 spoons(1g per spoon) at a time before or after each meal. Dissolve in cold or warm water for drinking.
  • Caution : In case of allergic constitution, make sure to check ingredients prior to intake. If you use a wet spoon, it is feared that quality of ingredient may be spoiled.
  • Feature : You will enjoy a delicate flavor and taste of ginseng if dissolved in warm water prior to drinking.
  • Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

    • People who want to control blood glucose.
    • People who are in need of physiological vitalization
    • Those who want to be of assistance to the patients like diabetes, adult disease.