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Cordyceps Militaris Hwan Gold

Product Detail Information

Cordyceps Militaris Hwan Gold


  • Product classification : Functional food
  • Product type : Other processing food
  • Net contents : 100g x 2 ea.(200g)100g x 4ea.(400g)
  • Content :Cordyceps militaris 90%(korean),  Hovenia Dulcis Berry Extract  Powder10%(Korean).
  • How to intake :2 time day, one time 25~30pills with beverage
  •  Caution : Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity. Make sure to take it as soon as possible if you open the package.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • Examinees and those who want to relieve stress.
  • People who want to enhance immunity.
  • People who want to restore physical strength.
  • People who want to intake Cordyceps militaris for a long period of time.
  • Those who are exhausted by a heavy schedule.

It is widely known that Cordyceps militaris has been highly effective in detoxification, build-up of resistance, purification of blood, relieving fatigue, anti-aging process, promotion of stamina. Hence, we have produced this product to be conveniently taken by men and women of all ages.