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Material for Ginseng Chicken Soup

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Material for Ginseng Chicken Soup


  • Product classification : Other foods
  • Product type : Other foods
  • Raw material & its content : Milk vetch root(Korea) 25%, bamboo leaves(Korea) 15%, Acanthopanax(Korea) 15%, kalopanax(Korea) 20%, mulberry(Korea) 20%, jujube(Korea) 5%.
  • How to intake : Do not tear the bag(tea bag). Pour a suitable amount of water and put it together with chicken or duck for cooking.
  • Caution : Be careful not to get a bone stuck in your throat when you eat this food.
  • Feature : As this product is made of domestic raw materials, you will enjoy a traditional ginseng chicken soup of Korea.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • People who want to purchase health food for a gift.
  • People who want to provide nutritious food to examinee, worker.
  • Those who are exhausted by a heavy schedule.
  • Those who are interested in cooking ginseng chicken soup.

As this product consists of domestic raw materials, it will bring out a traditional taste of Korean food. Ginseng chicken soup is a specific Korean cuisine to be recommended for those who are sensitive to the cold, lose weight, break out in a cold sweat, easily tired, having unbalanced diet food and lose concentration.
* It will be a great food if you add glutinous rice, garlic, ginseng and so on.