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korean Red Ginseng Rare Sweets

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korean Red Ginseng Rare Sweets


  • Product classification : Functional food
  • Product type : Honeyed red ginseng
  • Net contents :
  • Content : 4-year-old red ginseng, fructose, honey, isomalto-oligosaccharide.
  • How to intake : Depending on one's preference, 1-2 roots may be cut in slices or brew it in boiling water.
  • Caution : Be careful not to get it stuck in your throat and take it as soon as possible if you opened the package.
  • Feature : Original shape of red ginseng has been honeyed to remove its bitter taste, so it may be easily chewable.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • People who want to purchase health food for a gift.
  • People who want to conveniently carry and take red ginseng.
  • Those who look for a high quality of accompaniment to a drink.

Red ginseng has been sorted out and honeyed, so you will experience a specific flavor of red ginseng with its chewy taste. This product is suitable for nutritious snack or accompaniment to a drink as well as gift set as a health supplement food. Due to the convenience of storing, whole root can be taken or being sliced to serve refreshments.
* Original shape of red ginseng has been preferred by the aged as a gift set.