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Korean Red Ginseng Candy

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  • MaterialKorean Red Ginseng Candy


  • South Korea South Korea

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Korean Red Ginseng Candy


  • Product classification : Other red ginseng food
  • Product type : Candy
  • Net contents : 200g, 270g, 450g.
  • Content : Red ginseng extract(solid matter : over 60%, red ginseng ingredient : over 70mg/g, Korea) 0.3%, refined sugar, starch syrup, extract of angelica gigas, etc.
  • How to intake : It may be taken depending on one's taste.
  • Caution : Try to melt it in your mouth, otherwise, your tooth may get injured if you chew it up.
  • Feature : You will enjoy the sweet taste of red ginseng candy.

Selling Point(we recommend to the following people)

  • People who need energy supplement after hiking or exercise.
  • For the aged or parents as a gift.
  • People who look for a health food in driving, fishing, travelling.

This red ginseng candy, made by blending red ginseng extract, refined sugar, starch syrup, extract of angelica gigas, can be taken
by men and women of all ages due to delicate taste of red ginseng.
Housewives, examinees, workers may enjoy slightly bitter taste of red ginseng at any time in driving, fishing, travelling.