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korean Honeyed Ginseng tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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 korean  Honeyed Ginseng tea


  • Product classification : Honeyed ginseng
  • Product type : Liquid tea
  • Net contents : 300g, 580g, 1000g
  • Content : Honeyed ginseng(Korea) 50%, white sugar 10%, honey 0.5%(Korea), fructose, starch syrup, oligosaccharide, carrageenan,
    Na-CMC, vitamin C.
  • How to intake : Put 3-4 spoons into a cup and dissolve in hot or cold water depending on one's preference.
  • Caution : Avoid direct sunlight and make sure to close a cap to keep it refrigerated. Do not store for a long period of time.
  • Feature : Honeyed ginseng enhances digestion-absorption rate in the human body, without bitter taste.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • People who want to enhance immunity.
  • People who want to boost physical strength to examinees, children
  • Those who want to intake honeyed ginseng for a long period of time.
  • Those who are exhausted by a heavy schedule.

Koryo honeyed ginseng, with various ingredients, have been effective in boosting physical strength, blood circulation, relieving fatigue and improving immunity.