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korean Jeju Orange Crunch

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  • Materialkorean Jeju Orange Crunch


  • South Korea South Korea
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korean Jeju Orange Crunch


  • Product classification : Confectionery
  • Product type : Chocolate processing product
  • Net contents : 100g
  • Content : Orange powder(0.7% from Jeju), cocoa butter 12%, refined sugar, whole milk powder(milk), whey powder(milk), lecithin(soybean), vanillin : flour(wheat), maize starch, brown rice 5%, etc.
  • How to intake : It can be taken at any time, if necessary, as a snack.
  • Caution : Keep it in a cool place avoiding moisture and direct sunlight.
    Feature : Try to experience a rich flavor of sweet chocolate, together with delicate taste of orange.

Selling Point(we recommend to the following people)

  • Workers, examinees who want to take nutritious snack.
  • For the aged or parents as a gift.
  • People who look for a health food in driving, fishing, travelling.

As a nutritious snack in which high amount of orange powder from Jeju island is contained, it will be a good gift for the aged or parents as their snack. As a portable type of nutritious snack, particularly, workers, examinees or those who are in hiking, driving, fishing can keep in one's bag or pocket and take it out conveniently one by one when one feels a little hungry or drowsy.