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korean red Ginseng Root (4-5year-old root)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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korean Red Ginseng Root


  • Product classification : Other type of red ginseng(4-5year-old root)
  • Product type : Root ginseng(cardboard box)
  • Net contents : 300g
  • Content : 100% 4-5year-old red ginseng root.
  • How to intake : - The efficacy of red ginseng is dependant on the time and temperature of extraction. If you spend too many hours in boiling red ginseng down, active ingredients may be damaged.
    So, optimal time is more or less 24 hours at 85°C.
    - The amount of water is 10 liters based on 600g.
    - In summer season, it will be much better to keep it refrigerated.
  • Caution :
    - The period of storage is 10 years at room temperature.
    - Seal off the package and keep it refrigerated or in a freezer.
    Otherwise, it may get mildewed.

Selling Point(We recommend to the following people)

  • People who want to enhance immunity.
  • People who want to boost physical strength after the surgery or treatment of disease.
  • Those who want to intake ginseng conveniently for a long period of time.
  • Those who are exhausted by a heavy schedule.

After sorting out 4-year-old fresh ginseng, red ginseng has been produced by repetitive steaming and drying processes.
This product has various effects, such as improving immunity, physical strength, blood circulation, anticancer activity and relieving stress, etc.